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The First Post


You’ve found the next big thing.  Really.  It may not seem like it now, but this blog is gonna be big.

Why are you here?  Men don’t blog.  This is something for ladies to do about celebrities.  This is something for nerds to do about computers and video games.  Well, you’re neither a lady or a nerd so why check out this blog?  Simply put….you need this.  The Man Blog is for us guys.  We’ll be discussing everything from A to Z from a man’s point of view.  A smart ass man’s point of view, no less.  You need an outlet and this is it.

It’s my intention to provide you with the most entertaining, informative, and unique experience you’ve had on a computer in a long time.  We are not going to candy-coat shit here.  As a smart ass man myself, I will strive to provide you with meaningful content on a regular basis that will help you in your daily life as a man.  We’ll discuss the finer points in life….liquor, booze, alcohol, women, and beer.  We’ll discuss dealing with your woman when she’s pissing you off.  We’ll talk about how stupid people in our society are.  We’ll review new and worthwhile products that every man must have (suggestions welcome….oh, and send me your stuff and I will review it).  We’ll talk about society and other notable topics that affect men like us.  I say “we” on all of these things because I want this blog to be interactive, and I want you to participate with your comments and feedback.  Follow this blog.  Tell your friends.  Ladies welcome, too……but this is a Man Blog.

As the great Jackie Gleason was known to say…..”And awaaaaay we go.”

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